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Organic Green Lentils Sorghum Dosa – Crepe Mix

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Dosa  [do-sa or do-sha] is a staple dish in South Indian cuisine, traditionally being prepared from grinding and fermenting rice flakes with black lentils. It has a texture similar to the flavorful Crepes popular in western countries.   We added our own variation to this preparation by seeking inspiration from a recipe called Dal Childa served as a breakfast option in my ancestral home town Rajasthan, India.  Green lentil dosa batter is a unique combination of whole green gram and white urad lentils with a pinch of Himalayan salt making it rich in fiber and low in calories.

Net Wt. 200 gms (8 oz.)

Lets Get Cooking

  • Add ¼ cup water to 1 cup of batter. Salt is optional
  • Heat a pan
  • Scoop a portion of the batter onto the pan and layer it in circles with a round spatula in the pan , using approximately 1/4 cup for each dosa
  • Add ½ tbsp. of oil around the edges
  • Option to add onions, tomatoes and green chilies on top of layered batter
  • Serve hot with Chutney, sambar
  • Can also be used to make idli and uttapams

Best Served With

green or coconut chutney, yogurt or pickle, sambar


Whole Green Gram lentils (Mung)

White Urad lentils

Pink Himalayan Salt

How to Store

Since our products are 100% fresh, it’s super important to follow storing instructions. Store unopened packet in a fridge. Once opened seal zipper after use or empty ingredients of the dosa/ crepe batter into an air tight container and keep at room temperature. Make sure to double check the manufacturing and expiration dates at all times

Shipping & Returns

We use 100% recyclable stand up pouches that are BPA free and Odor proof, easily decomposed once disposed of. Additionally, these pouches are made of eco-friendly laminated films and are resealable using a zipper offering high barrier protection from moisture, oxygen, and UV light.

We will be unable to accept returns. But, we’re more than happy to refund or resolve any issues you may have with your order! You can email us at hello@wemixxstore.com

3 reviews for Organic Green Lentils Sorghum Dosa - Crepe Mix

  1. Snehal Kharose

    The best and healthy dosa mix. So filling and tasty

  2. John Peters

    Very tasty and crispy! Has a very Mediterranean zing to it! Good combination to have with hummus and pesto dip!

  3. Akash

    Tasty , yummy delicious

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