Emphasis of ‘We’

    • Marrying of two cultures i) My Indian origin and childhood ii) My experience as an immigrant person of color in the USA who misses home-like flavors & loves the new additions to the tastebuds.
    • It takes two of us to create a recipe using a WeMixx product. Not ready to eat but ready to mix taking away the hassle of purchasing and blending every single ingredient which makes the cooking experience so much quicker and cost effective.

     From the heart

    • Homemade is Soulmade is our tagline because our blends began with me as a NYU student missing my family, woh ghar waali (homely) feeling.
    • We pride ourselves on offering “clean-label + low calories” blends with Handpicked ingredients from local fair-trade suppliers in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat area ensuring rich soulful taste that is true to our traditions, roots.
    • 100% recyclable -sustainable packaging


    • Our Vision is to Evolve the existing Indian Food Aisle to Include more Healthier, Zero Preservatives, Oil Free & 100% Plant based Blends and eventually become more mainstream.

    • Represent India by challenging cultural stereotypes and deliberately introducing traditional words such as ‘ladoo, bharwa, chilla’ in our packaging despite facing refusal from retailers.

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