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Sweet Potato Oats Chilla- Pancake mix

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‘Chilla’ is a savory spiced pancake that is a usually cooked by mixing chickpea (gram) flour, herbs and vegetables. It is a popular breakfast item in Indian households and a good alternative to omelets for vegetarians.

Given our love for oats, we gave this recipe a twist by substituting chickpea with Oats flour and shredded sweet potatoes making it a rich source of energy and fiber. This incredibly nutritious and tasty mix avoids bloating commonly caused by chickpea flour and improves digestion.

Net. Wt. 250gms (8.8 Oz.) 

Lets Get Cooking

  • Add 2-3 tbsp of water or buttermilk to ¼ cup of mix to prepare one pancake
  • Heat a pan
  • Pour the portion onto the pan and add ½ tbsp. of oil around the edges
  • Option to add onions, tomatoes and green chilies in the mix or on top of pancake
  • Serve hot with Chutney

Best served with green or coconut chutney


  • Oats, Sweet Potato Flour, Cumin seeds, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Coriander seeds, Dry Red Chillies (Kashmiri Chillies), Pink Himalayan Salt

How to Store

Since our products are 100% fresh, it’s super important to follow storing instructions. Store unopened packet in a fridge. Once opened seal zipper after use or empty ingredients of the Sweet Potato oats Chilla pancake mix into an air tight container and keep it at room temperature. Make sure to double check the manufacturing and expiration dates at all times

Shipping & Returns

We use 100% recyclable stand up pouches that are BPA free and Odor proof, easily decomposed once disposed of. Additionally, these pouches are made of eco-friendly laminated films and are resealable using a zipper offering high barrier protection from moisture, oxygen, and UV light.

We will be unable to accept returns. But, we’re more than happy to refund or resolve any issues you may have with your order! You can email us at hello@wemixxstore.com

2 reviews for Sweet Potato Oats Chilla- Pancake mix

  1. Veronica

    Sunday morning breakfast delicacy and a hit among the kids. Our weekend breakfast spread is incomplete without this oats chila mix. Takes 2 mins to cook and super nutritious. Turns out crispy with minimum olive oil!

  2. Rita

    This mix is a breakfast/snack saver!! Being on a full time job this mix is a great option which is healthy and time saving on top of everything extremely tasty! Would recommend it to all! A must try

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