No Bake Breakfast Cupcake or Mid Meal Snack
sugar free energy bites with dates and oats
No Bake, Sugar free Breakfast Cupcake or Mid Meal snack

Sugar free breakfast cupcake for a quick morning recipe or superfood mid meal snack premix of dates, oats , nuts, chia seeds and coconut


1/4 cup Date n Oats Ladoo mix
2 tbsps yogurt of your choice
mangoes, berries , other seasonal fruits of your choice


Recipe: ⠀
Empty 1/4 cup of the Date n Oats Ladoo mix in a cupcake liner . Simply press down in the center of these little Date N Oats mix cups and fill with yogurt , berries , seasonal fruits 🥝 🍊🥭 .
Eat immediately or freeze overnight , just bite into these superfood minis as a quick morning breakfast option or evening snack . So much better than Granola
*Only 70 calories per serving (1/4 cup)*⠀


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