Stuffed Eggplant , Okra and Potatoes from my Mother in Law’s kitchen
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Spicy Eggplant , Okra and Potatoes from my Mother in Law's kitchen

Color up that food Palette With Sindh Bharwa Spice Stuffed Okra, Eggplant and Potatoes . ⠀

This is a recipe from my MIL’s Sindhi kitchen and one that was the starting point for creating this spice mix . Indulgent becoz the veggies are pre-fried before filling in the spices and then cooked again but Delicious in every bite. ⠀

You can choose to oven bake the veggies before stuffing to avoid the deep frying or even skip it altogether and just pan fry the Okra prior to a stuffing to avoid the gluey texture. Either way you are in a for a Mouthwatering TREAT without the hassle of roasting /blending the chickpea flour and spices separately .


Recipe (serves 5) ⠀
5 Small Eggplants slit from the center (cut off the top stem keeping the crown intact)⠀

1/2 lb (250gms) Okra washed dried and slit from the center (cut off the tops) ⠀

4 potatoes peeled and cut into 4 parts ⠀

Spice Stuffing mix : ⠀
1/2 cup Sindh Bharwa Spice blend ⠀
1 tsp salt (as per preference) ⠀
1.5 tbsps garlic minced (optional) ⠀
1 tbsp green chillies minced (optional)⠀

Oil for deep frying and cooking ⠀


Steps: ⠀
-Fry the slit okra, eggplants & potatoes till somewhat brown and keep aside to cool ⠀
- in a bowl add the spice stuffing
- Stuff the pre-fried veggies with the stuffing Spice Mix ⠀
- Cook in an oiled pan for 20-30 mins on a medium flame , cover with lid till soft /tender . Garnish with cilantro + lemon


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