Hara Bhara Chicken Kebab -No Tandoor
chicken kebabs
Hara Bhara Chicken Kebab
(Serves 2)

Delicious burnt flavor without the hassle of using a Tandoor
Presenting 👉🏽No Tandoor Chicken Tikka marinated overnight in our Bestseller 🥇Master Spice Blend
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2 cups boneless chicken chunks (atleast 2 inches)

3 tbsps Master Spice Blend ( link in bio to order)
1 tsp salt
Green herb paste ( 1/2 cup cilantro +1/4 cup mint leaves or parsley +1/4 tsp salt +3 tbsps Greek yogurt or hung curd)
Mustard seed oil -2 tbsps for marinade (extra for cooking)

Wooden skewers soaked in warm water for 30 mins

Garnish options:
Cooked rice , salad , lemon juice


Marinate the boneless chicken chunks for atleast 1 hour or overnight (recommended)
Transfer the marinated chicken to skewers and cook on a hot oiled non-stick pan or grill till brown on both sides
Garnish with lime , cilantro , mint etc. and serve with turmeric rice , cole slaw or a salad of your choice


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